Tips for planning a teen party

You can forget jelly and ice cream and a children’s entertainer; teenagers want something far more grown up and sophisticated. Trying to find the right balance can be tricky, your teens want their independence and space to party with their friends and you want to make sure they are safe and well behaved. With that in mind, I’ve got some simple tips to help with planning a teen disco.

Teenagers are often too old for a themed party. To make it feel a bit more special you could style your party on a night club, wristbands to get in, VIP area for your teen and their closest mates, a “bar” serving non-alcoholic drinks, a professional DJ with a light up dance floor. Or perhaps have a UV or Glow in the Dark disco, great fun for all teen parties.

A teen party is all about the music or entertainment.   No “old” DJs with those well-known party songs from the 80’s.  They want a young and vibrant DJ that plays modern music and is on their level. Check online for recommendations, or with parents you know who have recently thrown a party for their teen. Your teen might like a particular style of music so get them involved in compiling a playlist so your DJ has an idea of the type of music to play at the party (and can take requests)

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Teen Party

Although they will probably spend most of their time on the dance floor, a place to sit and chat or rest is a must,  not every person will want to dance. Try and have a quiet area with a few chairs, away from the main event if possible, for this purpose.

Teens often don’t want a sit-down meal at a party, they are far too busy socialising. Food that’s quick and easy to eat is the answer. Burgers and chips, pizza, food they can eat while standing around chatting. Depending on where you are holding your teen’s party a hog roast or a BBQ could be a good solution.

Of course, you are going to need to keep an eye or the party, but teens aren’t keen on having their parents cramping their style. Having a “parent’s room” is a good compromise. This allows you to keep out of the way, but close enough to keep an eye on the party. You can sneak out occasionally to top up food and drinks and check up on the party goers. An extra pair of eyes and ears is a must, be it an extra adult or older trustworthy teen to help you keep order.

Young teens disco

Alcohol can be a problem at teen parties and when teens have been drinking things can easily get out of hand. Although not unusual at teen parties, keep an eye on groups of teens disappearing into a corner or to the toilets together. You should also check for any alcohol smells. Teens who have been drinking will likely be a bit more giggly and silly than normal. It is also worth asking your DJ to keep and eye out for any suspicious behaviour if you have concerns.

And finally, Social Media can be a blessing or a curse and chances are your teen will want to use it to invite their friends to their party. Agree a guest list with your teen beforehand. Make sure your teen sets the privacy settings on the event to private or invite only. This means only those who are invited will be able to see the details of the event. On the day of the party it would also be wise to have an adult on the door checking numbers to ensure you don’t end up with extra guests. It is also important to make sure party has a clear end time on the invite when all the teenagers will be collected by an adult.

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