Signs that he is going to Propose

Will he Propose this Valentine’s Day?

<br There are tons of subtle signs and giveaways from guys that can give a hopeful girl, a good idea that he is going to propose!   We are already convinced that 2016 will be a great year for it! Our Facebooks, Twitters & Instagrams are bursting with new relationship statuses, new additions to the family and most notably . . . New engagements!!!   There are hundreds of articles & advice on the internet on spotting an imminent proposal! And the expertise ranges from relationship counselors, to newlyweds & everything inbetween!   So how do we know what to look for? . . .   As an entertainment company, we have the privilege of hearing these stories on a day to day basis! We have heard the weird & wonderful, the simple & extravagant. We are an inquisitive bunch of guys and girls that know real people, real stories and could not resist rising to the challenge of putting together the ultimate ‘what to look for’ guide on spotting a proposal well before it happens.   We have researched the best advice on the web & and combined what we found with what we know to give you lovely ladies, the best possible ‘heads up’!

9 Signs that he is going to Propose!

Plans a Getaway Okay, so maybe this isn’t unusual but it is likely that a getaway planned for a proposal, is going to be slightly different to your average cheeky weekend away. My good friend Nathan was kind enough to tell us his story.: ‘ With the ring dealt with, now it was time to lay the foundations of the where and when. After hearing her nostalgic memories of her hometown, Stratford-upon-Avon, I decided to broach the subject of a weekend there. This caused her a moment of stunned silence as I rarely enjoy leaving the comforting confines of my hometown. It took a while to convince her I was genuine but eventually managed. I don’t know why there was as much suspicion as there was, maybe she thought this is something that would be on the six o’clock news with unflattering pictures of me and neighboors saying; “he seemed like a normal guy”.’
romantic getaway
Acts out of Character This is a big deal for a dude. He is likely to be anxious, nervous and excited as the prospect of proposing to you. He may get distant or he may start being unusually attentive and affectionate. If the two of you have been together a while, and yu notice a drastic change of character it could be for a number of reasons- if we are being realistic. But if you are ‘in with his parents’, have a joint saving account, have spoken about the future previously and you have no reason to think negatively about his change of behavior – it COULD be that you guy is emotionally preparing himself to pop the big question!
Gets ‘weird’ about a (hiding) Space Is your man lingering in a room a little too much? Is he hovering over that set of dust covered drawers in the lounge? Is he suddenly strangely keen on making the bed and keeping you well away from whatever falls under there? He COULD have stashed the ring, and is taking all possible measures to prevent you from finding it! When you live together, and you are sharing every inch of your space, it can be difficult to keep anything hidden. Generally, guys are not very good at keeping anything from the ‘FBI eyes’ of a woman for very long. If he freaks out when you go near a box, you could be in for a big surprise.
future proposal
He does not ‘freak out’ over Future Talk He once cringed his way through family weddings and zoned out when you mentioned what you would like to call your future children, but you have noticed a shift in his attitude and now . . . he is getting involved. He wants a big house in the country with two big dogs and three children: one girl and two boys! They will be called Max, Zack & Zoe. His days of playing the field & ‘Jack the ladness’ are over if he A.) Tolerates discussions regarding your future together and even better B.) Actually speaks about a future involving YOU! I hear church bells . . . .
Your Family get Weird And by this I mean they either start, or stop discussing yours and your s/o’s future. If he is a traditional kind of guy he will more than likely approach your Father for permission. If he is close with your family he may have discussed his plans with them in an attempt to suss out your preferences for a ring, location and timings e.c.t. If your Mother starts strategically dragging you past the bridal stores, or your sister is unusually curious about your ring size, you could be expecting a proposal! On they other hand – they might go completely quiet about the subject in an attempt to keep it a secret.
His Internet History is always clear It is easy to jump to the conclusion that your fella is up to something if he suddenly becomes very stealth with his internet activity. But if you have never had a reason to doubt him and have a loving and trusting dynamic between you . . it could be, that he is utilising the internet for ideas and inspiration. If he gets sloppy you might see evidence of a digital journey to a Wedding/Event supplier or even Tiffany & Co – all signs that he is planning to propose to you.
looking for a ring
He gets tight (with money . . . ) The love of your life was never afraid to ‘splash the cash’ and out of nowhere he’s getting stingy about the little luxury purchases that never, ever, bothered him before! He’s choosing the value brand over Tesco’s Finest and keeping his 1p Pieces. If your guy has started to cut back on his spend, he could be saving for a Wedding! This is an expensive day to consider and a life long commitment! A guy starting to save, is a guy considering the future and you just might be the lady he wants to spend it with! Why not suggest saving together. This will re-enforce your ‘team’ status.
You’ve been Nagging him about it! And he hasn’t made a run for it! I have known a couple of girls that made their desires very clear and their wishes came true! Of course, I would not encourage outright suggesting marriage to a guy that you have been dating 3 months, but if you two are comfortable with the conversation and share your life quite comfortably at the moment, there is nothing wrong with planting the seed and watching it blossom! Sometimes, this makes the subject easier for a man to approach. If he knows that you are on the same page, he is more likely to take a leap!
He Gets you Drunk! Surprised? I was too, but after a little bit of digging and honest conversations, it turns out that guys are ‘big old scaredy cats’ when it comes to popping the question! I have been told, and will not mention any names but it has been suggested that IF they get rejected, they can fall back on the ‘I was drunk’ excuse. A good dose of dutch courage is not a bad thing! Some guys genuinely need it to relax them before asking one of the biggest questions of their lives! So if things have been going great, you’ve spoken about the future and he takes you out to a fancy restaurant and orders the house wine, you might be just moments from a proposal . . .maybe!

He proposed. Now What?

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