Questions to ask your venue

Choosing a venue for an event can be difficult. There is so much to think about, from the accessibility for guests to the style of venue and whether it is suitable for your entertainment. Firstly you’ll want to do some research online into venues in...
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Scratching the surface with DJ Ricky Fox; Singing with Adele to gigging inside Hugh Grants home

Last night a DJ Saved my life When I tell people I’m a DJ in London. They always do that ‘scratching the decks’ and ‘holding a headphone to their ear’ gesture, followed by the repetition of my job title ‘D-e-J’...
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Who is Your Celebrity Valentine?

Valentines day is approaching and if your single or happily taken, you may wonder who, in a dream world or another life, your celebrity valentine may be. Take our quiz to find out! Please let us know your results and have fun! Who is your Celebrity Valentine?...
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Our Story of How We Expanded Our Company

Our Story of How We Expanded Our Company Hello and welcome to CF Entertainment! You might have known us as C.F Discos and C.F PhotoBooths, but we have decided to re-brand ourselves as CF Entertainment and include all our services into one, easy-to-use...
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